Small but Mighty System

Tiny Planet Pack is a digital bundle of 3 key resources to help people find a 1% carbon shift to live better now using behavioral science.

With your Tiny Planet Pack you will get:

  1. Personal Planet Plan
  2. Superpower Decoder
  3. Perfect Shift Finder
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Life is overwhelming, but carbon curbing shifts don't have to be!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by it all right now but also want to do something to make this planet a better and more sustainable place?

Do you ever wish someone would just tell you what to do that will actually make an impact?

With the Tiny Planet Pack, in under 15 minutes you will be able to find a small, repeatable action that slashes your carbon pollution footprint by 1% over the year.

That will prevent about 440 pounds of carbon from polluting our air.

So much of the eco-living information out there can feel difficult to put into action.

And after you do successfully get started with some planet-friendly habit, like going zero waste or using less plastic, natural disruptions happen to derail your green routines.

Especially during the pandemic, planet-friendly living can feel like yet another burden or sacrifice to make.

Our Tiny Planet Pack uses behavioral science to make your next planet-friendly step easier and enjoyable.

  • Perfect Shift Finder: in less than 15 minutes find a custom-fit simple, repeatable action perfect for your life that reduces your carbon pollution footprint by 1%.
  • Tree Shrugger Superpower Decoder: Transform eco-friendly living from feeling like a sacrifice into something that helps you live better now, like a gift to yourself. Grab just one or the full pack.
  • Personal Planet Plan: Easily put your perfect shift and superpower into action in a simple worksheet.

Tiny Package, Enormous Value

The small, repeatable actions can add up to some big savings. Shifts in the Tiny Planet Pack offer users about $100 in savings over the year! If it just took small, repeatable actions to help the planet AND save you $100 — what is holding you back?!

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