How to Develop Planet Habits

It can feel challenging to get going with planet-friendly habits. 

Here are three important components to sprucing up your routine with some planet-helping upgrades: 

1. Ride that motivation wave. Motivation waves can come from feeling inspired by others or feeling compelled to action by a flashpoint event. Maybe you hear your friend raving about her new built-in workout from her bike to work route. Or read what's happening in the Amazon Rainforest fires and are eager to respond. These motivating moments aren't enough to create long-term changes but are very effective to getting you off the couch and into action. So, when you feel this motivation, look quickly to take action. 

2. Connect to daily driving priority. While environmental values are widespread, these priorities aren't experienced urgently or regularly. Connecting your planet habits to other priorities that give you an immediate sense of joy, accomplishment, relief, or peace does a few...

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One of the first questions I get asked when I tell someone about TreeShrugger is “why TreeSHRUGGER”? Aren't you trying to help the environment?

Well, yes! 

But there are  few reasons I landed on this name. 

Most of us really care about the planet, maybe we even see it as a core value we have to be a good steward or caretaker of the environment. 

But we are torn between the need for things to change for the planet and the daily grind we face to pay bills and put food on the table. 

Communities are designed to be driven, not biked or walked. Kids need to get to practice or daycare and dinner needs to make it to the table, or really any eating surface (no judging, haha)!

As people that care about the planet we are pulled between the demands of day to day life and how our communities are designed and making planet-friendly changes in our lives. 

This movement seems a lot like a shrug -- or at least it ends with a shrug (with a side of...

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Are You Crunchy?

Wow. I kind of can't believe I'm actually launching this after re-recording practice episodes for an embarrassing amount of time. Let's just say I've got PLENTY of practice speaking words into a microphone and while this isn't perfect, I'm DELIGHTED to finally kick off this phase of outreach.


Who knew this question would kick off such a hunt within myself and household?! Not to mention eventually bring me to the realization that I needed to start a business to help others struggling with similar issues.


Do you feel like your habits and products don't fully reflect your values?

Even as someone that built a career working with environmental issues I found my own habits out of whack. After building up planet-friendly practices in the past, having kids or experiencing major life changes can upend even the most established habits. 

Here's what I found as I worked to clean up my own habits and product choices:

  1. Many resources out there focus on everything...
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