How to Develop Planet Habits

It can feel challenging to get going with planet-friendly habits. 

Here are three important components to sprucing up your routine with some planet-helping upgrades: 

1. Ride that motivation wave. Motivation waves can come from feeling inspired by others or feeling compelled to action by a flashpoint event. Maybe you hear your friend raving about her new built-in workout from her bike to work route. Or read what's happening in the Amazon Rainforest fires and are eager to respond. These motivating moments aren't enough to create long-term changes but are very effective to getting you off the couch and into action. So, when you feel this motivation, look quickly to take action. 

2. Connect to daily driving priority. While environmental values are widespread, these priorities aren't experienced urgently or regularly. Connecting your planet habits to other priorities that give you an immediate sense of joy, accomplishment, relief, or peace does a few important things. It short circuits the action-feedback look so that success with your planet habit is felt as a benefit immediately rather than a theoretical good thing for the future. When we feel positive feedback immediately it creates a stronger pathway for lasting beyond your initial motivation wave. 

At TreeShrugger I call your daily driving priority your 'superpower' and developed a light + fun 7 question quiz to help you "Find Your Shift". Grab your personalized report with 3 shifts perfectly picked for your life here.

3. Grab a friend or join a peer group. Peer pressure can be a useful tool in feeling accountable and supported when you get stuck. Being apart of a community of folks also working towards the same habit changes you are also helps make behavior changes feel easier, more natural, and align your mindset with your values and goals. 

Excited to put this into action?!

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