3 Tips to Make New Planet-Friendly Habits Stick

When you want to introduce more planet-friendly habits in your day-to-day routine, making a change can feel like a big challenge. Fortunately, small, repeatable habits can make big-impact changes feel easier and more approachable. In this blog, we'll share the low-down on how to make your ambitions achievable – through science!

The Anatomy of a Habit (and How to Build One)

First – it's good to refresh our understanding of the stages we all go through when it comes to starting a new habit or routine.

Now this may seem overwhelming to look at the many stages that we go through in building new habits and behaviors. However, this process underscores why exactly so many care about the planet but aren't perfectly living a zero waste or low impact lifestyle.

It's not because we don't care – it's because it actually can be hard to make changes happen. Definitely not impossible, but it doesn't always come naturally.

This general difficulty is a major underlying frustration for environmentalists. If we (mostly) know what it takes for people to help solve problems like pollution and climate change, and it just takes enough people to make it happen, why can't people just care enough to do the necessary things? The issue then *feels* like we don't care enough about slowing climate change, rather than we simply not having the right tools to do so.

But when we use effective behavior change design – we can make it much easier.

The problem is that behavior change doesn't run on inspiration for a collective goal down the road. It runs on feeling like the change is personally worth it in the near term *and* actually doable.

It's not evil to admit that people can deeply care about the fate of the planet but feel in at the same time feel it's not personally worth the headache to figure out which moisturizer or toothpaste is better for the planet. Especially when greenwashing is so prevalent and the time spent selecting a specific product is later deemed worthless because the company was either ignorantly or intentionally deceptive about their impacts.

So where does this leave well-meaning, busy people to figure it all out?

A New Approach to Behavior Change (a.k.a. Building Habits)

What if we take a fresh approach to behavior change? Not just as consumers buying "greener" products. But as people that recognize we have repeatable habits that can make a big difference over time. When you put it into practice, our repeatable habits can become second nature. And when we understand our habits, we can build a personal experience that makes sense and makes a difference.

This is why Tree Shrugger is so focused on continuing to refine and perfect behavior change tools. Our solutions complement what you are learning from sustainability influencers and educators. We want to be the place you can easily put it all into action and feel the power of small habits adding up in a larger community of movement.

3 Simple Tips to Make Your New Habit More Likely to Successfully Stick

Still not sure where to start on your planet friendly habit-building journey? We recommend trying out your planet habits one day a week to see how it feels. These three tips are a good place to start:

  1. Decide on a Goal and Plan Ahead

This helps identify and remove any obstacles that might subconsciously derail or delay you (maybe even for years!). Take a few minutes to think if there are any steps needed to help make your trial day of planet-friendly actions awesome. What concerns or questions come up? Make your list in response to those.

>> What new planet-friendly habit am I wanting to try? <<

>> What do I think stands in my way or will make it complicated? <<

>> What can I do to overcome these barriers or complications? <<

For example, if you are trying to give your car a day of rest, do you usually have any errands or things you would normally do on that day you can bundle to another day? Or do you just want to know what else you can actually do during the day instead of driving to your usual spots? Another example with a more complex activity, trying out biking to work. Do you need to get your bike tuned up? Get a new helmet or map out your best route? Use your social network or reach out to us at Tree Shrugger if you feel stuck!

2. Prepare for Tomorrow the Night Before

Whether you are looking to swap out disposable plastic bags or go car-free for the day, having your next day prepped the night before will make it easier. Lay out your clothes, have your lunch packed and ready to go, and know your general plan for the day. When you have these things done ahead of time, you won't have to make those decisions the next morning. Unexpected things happen all the time, and having everything ready to go will only make it easier to hop over those bumps-in-the-road and get your first trial a more successful one.

3. Tune Into Your #Envirobennies

#Envirobennies are the personal benefits you get from planet-friendly habits. Saving money, feeling less stressed or more energized. We've even designed a quiz to help you understand how your preferred benefits are actually your secret Tree Shrugger superpower.

Your superpower or preferred environmental benefits help you plan and focus your planet-friendly energies to make habits easier. But being in tune with your environmental benefits is also helpful in feeling more connected with the immediate positives of new habits. Notice how you feel during and after your first try out. Bike to the store? How do you feel when you get home or later in the day? Tying your experience to what you care about most vastly improves the experience. And this leads to establishing a long term planet habit shift that feels like a gift to your day or week.

Ready to Get Your Planet-Friendly Habits Off the Ground? Tree Shrugger Is Here to Help!

What tips have made getting started with a new planet-friendly habit easier for you? Or are you just looking to start a new eco-friendly routine? We'd love to hear about it!

If you are looking for the best small but mighty shift you can make, we've got a new digital tool that's perfect for you! Our Tiny Planet Pack will help you find a 1% reduction in your carbon footprint that feels like a perfect fit for your life right now in less than 15 minutes. The Summer Essential Planet Resources will help save you time and money. Ready to get started? Check out the Tiny Planet Pack, or send us an email. We'd love to chat!

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