Times of Transition

How to Navigate the Messy Middle

We are in the midst of major collective and personal upheaval. Here's how we can navigate through challenges for a brighter future.

Life quakes

All of us can relate to having life quakes — those defining moments that change our lives so significantly we describe time in terms of before or after. 

Life pre-kids, after moving out of your parents house, or after a serious illness.  

Bruce Feiler's recent research shows that most of us have a handful of these during our lives. What's valuable about how he outlines transitions is that they are not the same as disruptive events. Transitions are a process of adapting and growing that is often helpful following a major life disruption. It's a skill we can gain and improve upon as we continue to encounter change.

What about collective quakes? Like the depression, a world war, or a pandemic? 

Right now we are in the midst of this kind of collective shake-up. Huge shifts forcing us to see with fresh eyes, feel different constraints, and reprioritize. 

The pandemic kicked off our year of collective quaking. Quickly followed by a flurry of deadly violence against Black people [...]

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