Addressing Climate Change Is a Group Effort

When it comes to taking on climate change, no one can do it alone. While we know that big corporations and polluters are responsible for a significant percentage of carbon emissions, individual actions count – and add up fast. Plus, when you develop planet-friendly habits now, you'll be ready to thrive in a climate-positive future that relies less on red meat and fossil fuels.

We believe that this future is bright. That's why we created Tree Shrugger, a community and resource hub for busy people interested in taking the next step in fighting climate change. Are you interested in creating planet-friendly shifts, but aren't sure what to do next? You're in the right place. We can help you figure out where your best fit is, and what small but mighty habits you can incorporate into your life.

Individual Habits Can Make a Big Impact on Climate Change

Big changes happen through small actions. By shifting towards planet-friendly habits that align with your everyday priorities and desires, you're naturally creating larger ripples within your social circles to join in that change. It's not just that you may be biking more or eating more fruits and veggies, it's that you are enjoying new habits and more personally connected to the benefits from addressing climate change.

Whether you're ready to start bike commuting, composting, eating less meat, or reducing the amount of trash your house produces, Tree Shrugger is here to support you every step of the way. Want to get started but not sure what to do next? We can help you decide which action steps make the most sense for you based on your lifestyle, budget, and family situation. How?

We did the dirty work for you (unless you're gardening). Based on behavioral science and the latest research on eco-friendly actions, we developed habit tracking resources to help you make the positive change you want to see in your own life. This means discovering where you have the ability to adopt planet-friendly habits and growing them into joyful, lifelong endeavors. Not everyone's family or lifestyle is the same, which is why our system is unique: you choose the habits that work for you and go from there.

The Science Behind the Shrugger

We're data-loving, deep-thinkers and draw from many areas of theory and research to create an innovative approach to empowering people with simple tools to tackle climate change.

We engage with behavior change theory to best unlock how to turn climate change data into meaningful results. In order to make sure all of that is delivered in a way that is actually usable, human centered design guides our development process.

Most often people getting started have a ton of motivation — either from outrage or feeling urgency for the future or just excitement about going zero waste or becoming a 100% plant-based eater. They look at awareness info that lays out large and complex life changes like it's as easy as changing your shampoo or deodorant.

It can be sneakily challenging to change routines, even after you've already changed them in the past! It's most effective to start with a small, 1% shift that feels doable but also meaningful.

That's why we frame all of our solutions around specific small shifts will make a 1% reduction in your carbon footprint and how they best align with your current priorities. Then we keep you connected to that positive impact you are making to reinforce the continued process.

Lapses happen with any behavior change or habit because life throws curveballs. But our model makes it easy to jump back in and stay engaged no matter where you are in life.

Who We Are

Hey there! My name is Marta and I started Tree Shrugger because I saw a need for a fresh approach to tackling environmental issues. I'm passionate about community engagement, a good veggie DISH, and I still miss the rollerblades I used from age 14 – 25. I'm mom to two amazing girls, have an amazing cousin-in-law, and am friends with a dope developer. If you catch me wearing headphones, you can probably bet I'm jamming to my "Feel Good" Spotify playlist.

Some nerdier highlights of my environmental experience:

I'm also grateful to work with a group of creatives, designers, and passionate environmentalists who all make the Tree Shrugger work possible. Go team!

Ready to Get Started? Tree Shrugger Is Here to Help!

When you're ready to take the next step, Tree Shrugger is here to support you! To learn more about our products or approach, feel free to shoot us an email. We're happy to chat about climate-positive habits, taking the bus, and great veggie burger recipes (and whatever else you've been thinking about).

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