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Our planet faces serious challenges. 

The key? Building planet-friendly habits.

Tree Shrugger offers a Planet Habit Model to help you grow climate curbing habits that feel like a gift to your life today, not just one for the future. 

Are you certain we need to make changes to address climate change, but aren’t quite sure where to start?

2. Join the Community

3. Start Building Habits

The Planet Habit Model

I’ve developed a model based on behavior change theory. Drawing from best practices in different health and wellness applications, as well as extensive pilot testing, the Planet Habit Model emerged as the best way to build habits that help people get more of what they want out of life.

  • More focused on what you can gain than making sacrifices for the future
  • Makes habit changes that seemed impossible feel like second nature
  • Designed to fit your life and priorities 

TreeShrugger Tools + Resources

To help you build your habits, we offer virtual tools and curated physical products. 


For the times you need accountability, ideas, suggestions, and general support. 

Planet Habit Dashboard

Keeps you focused on our highest impact habits to make sure you are building practices that make a real difference.


We know we can’t buy our way out of climate change. There are times we need ready-to-go solutions as more conscious consumers.

Tree Shrugger curates products that align with ethical sourcing practices, equity oriented partnerships, with the most positive impact on the planet possible.  

Upcoming Events

We convene in person and online events to help get people started, stay engaged, and build long term habits for a better life and planet.

December 30

We Can and We Must: Making 2020 Our Best Year Yet

7:30pm – 8:15 pm, Instagram Live, FREE 

Why is 2020 going to be so amazing?! 

Many experts see this year is our best shot in getting off the path of climate disaster to a brighter future for our kids.

This is the year that our global leaders will do the difficult work of nailing down more ambitious targets to curb climate change. 

While there are some bright spots with innovative technologies, markets have failed to get us to necessary climate targets. 

Moving the needle for our planet — really moving it — depends on everyday people building different habits. 

Want to learn how your habits are the key to it all? Sign up today!!

Grab your favorite beverage and join me on Instagram as I give some planet highlights of 2019, set the table for 2020 and share keys to building climate curbing habits.

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