Climate Change For Busy People

We help busy people build habits to live their best life and curb climate change. The right small, repeatable actions can help you live better now and help the planet along the way.

Why Tree Shrugger?

Using Behavioral Science to Make Planet-Friendly Habits Easier

Developing eco friendly habits shouldn't feel like an uphill battle. In fact, we believe that, with the right tools, building planet habits of your own can be rewarding and fun! When you’re ready to make a change toward a more environmentally conscious future, you need a clear path, goals that make sense for your lifestyle, and a framework of support.

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How Can I as an Individual Make a Difference?

There are 3 main systems that must transform to fully address climate change: market/industry practices, government policy, and behavior change. For too long behavior change has been packaged as a consumer action -- buy the right product and you can help the planet.

But our ability to influence the world isn't limited to what and how much we can buy.

We know that to actually make a difference as an individual, we need to move beyond awareness and long lists of 101 things you could do. Life changing action starts from simplicity and alignment with your life right now. This is where behavior science comes in.

Small, Repeatable Habits

Often the long lists of actions you *could* take about climate change require complex decision making. This requires extra brain power and is much more difficult to do successfully, especially when existing, more polluting actions, are well established and supported by an environment (such as markets, the design of your community, and other daily routines.)

When we find small, repeatable actions to make second nature, it relies on a different part of the brain that requires much less effort. Aligning these actions with your current lifestyle and priorities makes an easier action even enjoyable.

How many people need to pitch in?

When we align small, repeatable actions that are easier to start and keep up with our daily goals or priorities, we are more likely enjoy and appreciate them. This helps with long term habit building AND making it easy to invite friends and family members to try it out too.

Tree Shrugger also recognizes that group progress can help keep individuals motivated and engaged. In all of our solutions we'll be including a way for people to check in with their shifts and participate in regular larger group reports.

For every 1,000 people that make a 1% habit shift, 200 metric tons of carbon is prevented from polluting our air or warming our planet. Want to be in the first 1,000 to kick this off?

What People Are Saying About Tree Shrugger

The Tiny Planet Pack is so easy and fun to use. It not only helps you zero in on the types of changes that are realistic and best for you, it gives you examples to help you get started. Everything is broken down into manageable, easy-to-tackle steps for success!

– Jillian

Tree Shrugger's solutions are easy to use and offer realistic and flexible options for yourself or your family. I feel completely welcome as I am, without shame or guilt about not being a certain kind of environmentalist.

– Jessica M.

I didn't think I really needed Tree Shruggers tools, but did want to try and do something positive for the environment. I was really surprised by how much I got out of the materials and support. I've found new small actions that feel great to do and easy to keep going.

– Erin F.

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