One who cares about human survival on the planet but is about 137 steps away from getting a composting toilet. 

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Want to find your secret ability to make planet-friendly living waaaay easier? Start here! 7 quick questions, 1 personalized report with 3 shifts best fit for your life. 

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The Planet Habit Model

 TreeShrugger helps people build planet-friendly habits. The program is built on best practices. 

It starts with making shifts feel like a gift to you today, not just a sacrifice for the future. The rest is simple, fun and evidence-based!

Pop-up Holiday Edition

Whether it's gift giving, holiday travel, or party hosting -- TreeShrugger's planet-friendly holiday pop-up will give you mini-guides on how to make simple shifts this season and a supportive community to offer ideas and extra support. 

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Struggling to feel like you can make a difference?

"I don't want to be lying to myself that I'm really making a difference!" We hear this from so many people. Environmental problems can be so overwhelming and feel extra heavy in our disconnected world. The SHIFT provides a simple high-impact shift alongside a community for extra motivation. 

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Simple + Fun

Busy schedules are the #1 obstacle we hear from people struggling to make new habits. Our program reflects our OBSESSION with keeping things simple and fun. Drawing from best practices in habit and behavior change programs, we are committed to effective design for long-term success.

About TreeShrugger

Once upon a time, our founder Marta was asked if she was 'crunchy'. As a career environmentalist her first instinct was 'Of course, YES!'. But then she started noticing products in the house and family habits that didn't reflect her planet-loving values and expertise. Job changes, having kids, and moving upended her old eco patterns and she was determined to fix it.

With more than a decade of experience working in a handful of environmental and sustainability roles, she made the leap to start TreeShrugger. A place to offer programs and a community to guide people from now to what's next with simple planet habits. 

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Are you someone that reads an article and snaps right into life-changing action? No?! Us either. We are here to help people translate their environmental values into planet habits best fit for their lives.


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